Wokingham Local Plan Consultation

posted 20 Feb 2019, 05:07 by Parish Clerk   [ updated 20 Feb 2019, 05:58 ]

*****2 days left to save Twyford / Ruscombe - You need to act NOW to prevent mass house building*****


Wokingham Borough Council have plans to build 3,500 houses around Twyford and Ruscombe. The vast majority of these are on greenbelt areas. Planning laws should prevent the greenbelt being built upon in this situation BUT unless we all act now Wokingham Borough Council will build here regardless of the laws.

If you don’t want the mass building around our area (it would double the size of Twyford/ Ruscombe) then please complete the local plan update questionnaire.  I’ve included a link at the end of this post with guidance on how questions could be answered. Please feel free to use if you agree with our aims.  If we don’t put our views across it will be assumed we are happy with the scale of building in our area. 

*****To date I understand there have been few response from our area.  To my mind, this does not reflect the strength of feeling I see in the community. As simplistic as it sounds, if we do not get enough responses voicing against the development, WBC will see this as a green light to concrete the area. It is that important and that clear cut. *****
The questionnaire link is as follows (click on complete our local plan online survey).
If you are in agreement with our aims, guidance on what you might like to put is as below.  Please also add your own responses where you opinions differ from ours.  Go to the orange links on this page. 

All members of a household can complete a separate questionnaire. This includes children. The more responses the better.

Please help stop the mass development of Twyford and Ruscombe and our beautiful green belt areas. This is your opportunity to really play a part in stopping this. Please don’t dismiss the impact you can have.