A Neighbourhood Plan would cover such issues as:

~ a shared vision of how Ruscombe should look in 10 year's time

~ what new development (houses, shops, services) would be beneficial to residents

~ where any such development should be located

~ what areas in the Parish need special protection from development

You can find the draft Neighbourhood Plan here.

Included in this plan are four evidence based documents as Appendix A, B, C & D. These are:
Appendix A Ruscombe Housing Design code - page 49,
Appendix B Buildings of Local Historical Significance - page 55,
Appendix C Local Green Space Report - page 61,
Appendix D Ruscombe Biodiversity & Green infrastructure Elements - page 66.

The Regulation 14 consultation will run from Monday 22nd February until Monday 19th April 2021.

Please email comments to clerk@ruscombepc.org.uk or post to Ruscombe Parish Council, PO Box 8246, Reading, RG6 9SU

You can find other information about the Ruscombe Neighbourhood plan here.