Grant Requests

Ruscombe Parish Council considers grant requests from local charities and organisations.

In order to apply for a grant, please write to the parish clerk on detailing what you require funding for and how much money you are asking the Council to donate towards your project.  The Council favours organisations that have a direct benefit to Ruscombe residents; please indicate in your letter approximately how many Ruscombe residents your project will benefit and / or details of how it will be of benefit to the parish as a whole.

Grant applications are considered bi-annually: at the November meeting and the February meeting (first Wednesday of the months).  Please submit your grant request at least 10 days before the scheduled meeting date for it to be considered.  In 2015/16 the deadlines are: midnight on 25th October 2015 and on 24th January 2016.

Wokingham United Charities
Grants can also be requested from Wokingham United Charities